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Mushroom Festival: the final art

This past Sunday was the 29th annual Mushroom Festival at Mount Pisgah Arboretum. In earlier posts, I showed chunks of the early planning stages of the artwork for the poster. In the interest of closure, here's a slideshow that goes through all the layers of sketches through to the final art. (It's all drawn in Photoshop, with different layers of artwork turned on and off as they get progressively refined.)

From here, the artwork was put into the poster format and taped up all around town:

Turning off the background layers, we took the simplified image of the slug & mushrooms to the t-shirt printers:

Who delivered us t-shirts and hoodies with witch's hats & slugs aplenty!

I'm pleased (and a bit startled) to discover that we sold out of the posters at the festival! I take that as a compliment. *grin*