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Quick change in the weather

Remarkable number of clear days smiling upon us this winter in Oregon. (Which makes it colder, but the Vitamin D is still much appreciated.) Late this afternoon, the mostly-clear day was transformed by a passing rainstorm. I tried to catch some of the effects of the clouds and light with my watercolors.


Most of the work was done with a bigger, mop-like watercolor brush, but for the fine details of branches of the dark tree in the foreground, I pulled out a brush with a more delicate tip. Luckily by that point it was starting to get significantly dark out, so I didn't have the time to worry about the details of the tree--just time sketch in the rough concept before I couldn't see it any more!


I needed a little tiny bit of something to balance out the big tree on the right. Ah look, the fine-tipped brush would be perfect for adding the detail of the radio towers on the distant hilltop, whose blinking red lights are starting to show up as the sky gets darker. Doesn't take much to give the eye just a little bit more specific detail to work with on the other side of the spread.